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Teslawatt ( tsw ) token release


TeslaWatt signed a new contract with TokenTrade platform for ICO coin release. TokenTrade is a platform that will help TeslaWatt release our own token.

We have issued 100 million tokens and each token costs $0.30.

Several promotional periods are coming up:
“Private Sale” from July 1st 2018 through November 15th 2018 with 40% off.
“Pre-Sale” from November 15th 2018 through January 15th 2019 with 30% off.
“Sale” from January 15th 2019 through March 15th 2019 with 20% off.
“Last Chance” where TeslaWatt is offering 10% discount will go from March 15th 2019 through April 15th 2019

Starting from June 1 st 2019 our valued customers will have an option to pay for hosting services with TeslaWatt tokens and receive 15% service discount.

Now is a great time to accumulate tokens at a discount!

Your TeslaWatt team!